Thanks Google…

Wonderfully embarrassing moment today thanks to Google Search speech recognition.

I had the in-laws over, playing with my daughter. I hooked up my Nexus 4 to the TV so I could show little Dotty pictures of animals. She is getting good at recognising them and while she can’t say the words, she often can point out the cuddly toy or puzzle piece that matches.

Anyway, I had been speaking to Google search, saying “Pictures of Cats” etc. However when it came to “Pictures of Giraffes” it recognised it as “Pictures of Your Ass”. Queue hilarious laughter from everyone. Thankfully it realised what I meant and searched for giraffes but there was a scary moment where I was expecting a screen full of bums.

Thank goodness Google is better at reading minds than understanding my accent!

Very late

New Year has thrown my body clock and I am up late, pondering what projects to do this year.

This blog could be one. I’ve let go my VPS and closed my Linode account. I was only using it for an RSS reader anyway and I’ve moved that to my local machine. Now I’m on Blogger mainly for it’s G+ integration.

I want to try making a game using LÖVE now version 0.9.0 is out. I want to make a game with the feel of the old ZX Spectrum platformers Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, games which should be simple to do but have a lot of room for modern expansion.

I could also do a podcast, but that might be limited to rehashes of blog posts. I might force myself to record my thoughts without a script to stop the monotonous drone which I hate but do frequently on my Hacker Public Radio episodes.